Dumbathon 2019

Denver. MLK Weekend.

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Hackathons are lame. Or at least, Brian says they are. He hasn't actually been to one in like... 4 years. But he assumes they still are.

Instead, we have the Dumbathon. Everyone shows up, takes over a whole house over a long weekend, and makes whatever dumb, fun, pointless, stupid thing they wanna make. Something that will never make a cent for anyone, but will make everyone smile and say neat nonetheless.

There's only 3 rules at the Dumbathon:

  1. Everyone's invited.
  2. No recruiting or product promotion.
  3. Make whatever you damn well please. Or don't. Do whatever you want.

Dates and Deets

Check-in is Fri Jan 18th at 3PM.
Check-out is Mon Jan 21st (MLK day) at 11AM.

The house is this one. There's room for 12 people to sleep on beds, plus floor space for air-mattresses. It's got a backyard and is in a really great part of town. We've been assured that the internet is not garbage, for whatever that's worth.

If we get 10 people and stay the full three nights the cost will be ~$100 per-person. Payment can be made via cash, cash app, or venmo mediocregopher.

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Limitless Options

This mountain is called Half-Dome. No one has ever climbed it before.

You think about one day climbing it. It fills you with determination.

Limitless Options

Stock Photos

2 Hip Foorfrrrrrr it
Tsk, The Grandest Canyon. Is that the Grand Canyon?
That's heaven! I change my mind. It is, it's where I wanna live. You don't have to add the last part. Stop!
That's some Lord of the Rings shit
Take me hoooooome, country rooaaddd...
Climate change is no joke
I like adventures and I only swiped right for your dog. Pizza is my spirit animal.

What Our Customers Say

  • Peter

    Despite my best efforts, last year's Dumbathon was great! We whiled away the days eating Dip'n'Dots and trying to get the internet working. Cugini did something with radio waves. Just the best.

  • Martin

    My mom says I'm just big boned.